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s i t e t i p s
-w e b d e s i g n
l i n k us

B a n n e r s . . .   1$ per order!
L o g o s . . .   1$ per order!
B u t t o n s . . .   1$ per order!
S i t e   T u n e  -  u p s . . .   1 $ per order!
W e b p a g e s . . .   15$ per order including all of the above!
Tim's Design is not legally obligated to make this graphic. Tim's Design isn't legally obligated to meet a specific time requirement. Tim's Design will not refund any more received because of loss of profits using stamps. Tim's Design will not serve any porno or adult sites and is not obligated to. The above price should be sent to a specific P.O. Box that will be given to you after your submission after you have received the graphics sent to you. By submitting this you agree with everything above and that Tim's Design may change these terms if it is needed.
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