Software can be purchased on the net or other places like computer stores. Look for webpage building racks on shelves and ads on the net for making webpages.  I use Paint Shop Pro for making all of my graphics.  You can pick up a free download at  You can also find some nice html software there as well.

I use AOL PRESS to make some of my pages.  I find it pretty easy to use in making websites.  If you are a beginner, find a small free download someplace on the net before you buy a large expensive program.  

I suggest you try using a great html making software build into a website at The great templates here will help you make great, professional websites with ease and you won't pay for anything, or have to use a separate webserver, or have anything on your hard drive!  Take a look around and ask other webmasters what they use.  Most may say that they use Frontpage or something else. Look around and you'll find some great free downloads.  AOL users goto Keyword: AOL PRESS.