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Our graphics and websites are made to be quick loading, have excellent html, be excellent in browser capability, be nice looking, and most important to you, anything you want each just $3.00! That's right, webpages that are excellent and good for search engines, just $3.00! No strings attatched. Satisfaction is guaranteed, or you get your money back. While other businesses will say that you can't find a deal like this, I won't lie. Many people out there will design you a website or graphics for free, but I will give you one until you like it, plus make it ready for more traffic. I don't take credit cards becuase frankly, I don't trust internet credit. I trust you to send the money to pay, but won't ask for it until I have your order exactly how you want it. So when the order is done, than you pay. Money should be sent in cash or checks as is written below. Any other deals can be made by emailing me at

P.0. Box 20954
Louisville Ky. 40250-0954

Banners Only $3.00!

Logos Only $3.00!

Buttons Only $3.00!

if ordering a webpage, only * fields are relevant

*if ordering a webpage, please discuss more about the pages description by emailing me. (NO PORNO SITES ALLOWED!)Thankyou for your order. We will help you as soon as you can.

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