The Graphic-Sites Exchange

Tim's Design presents The Graphic Site Link Exchange. If you are a graphics site, this is perfect for you! If you are not, this is a waste of time and you will not be allowed to join. This exchange is for targeting your visitors towards your site through other members of the graphics genre. Links from pages give more hits to your page than any submission anywhere! Choose from 4 of the links below to link to and use the html at the bottom of this page to place the links on your page. The 5th of every linklist is Tim's Design, this is how we get hits from you. You get hits because visitors to this site through your site or other will come and join also. They will choose 4 links and some even yours. The more interesting your site is, the more people will choose it to link to. The more links you have, the ton of more hits you will get. This is a very slow process that will not give you thousands of hits right away. Be patient, work hard on your site, and the hits will come. There is no need to choose a password or member name. Simply submit your site using the form below to us at Tim's Design. Your site will be listed on this page once approved to be completely free of porno links and any racial or adult content. Choose from 4 of the links below and use the html on this page to place on your mainpage. There is no loading time and minimal space is required on your page. All links must be used on your index page! You will be listed when the page you submit has the correct html on it. This is free reciprocal links at its best!