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Please note that no sex sites or any other inappropriate sites will be accepted and this offer may end at any time.

Web Page Today holds the copyright to every graphic made. Since graphics are not sold to you and are completely free, you have the ability to use this graphic but not sell it. You must keep your link to Web Page Today up at all times or you will lose copyright and will be illegally using the graphic. Sorry for the legal stuff :-)

1a. Link to Web Page Today here
1b. Keep this box checked if you have a link to web page today
Note: to keep this service free, you are required to link to us.
1c. The address of the site that the link to web page today is

2a. Find a style number.
2b. I want style number

3. If you need a specific pixel size (or say small, medium, large)

4. The Background Color, real colors only. Don't make it complicated!

5. The text on the graphic, what you want it to say

6. Loading Time (the faster the less quality)

7. Email address !most important! (no web tv users)

The turnaround time is 1-7 days. No porn sites. Web Page Today can refuse any site or order and can terminate this free service at any time. By submitting, you agree to all the legal stuff above.