None of the following banners is a banner of an actual website. Banners made customly are never revealed to other websites besides the person whom ordered the graphic. The following are not copyrighted and if any names of actual website were used on this page, it was not on purpose. Below are graphics generally ordered by visitors. This will give you a good idea of what you want your graphic to look like and what size you want it to be. The (WIDTH by the Height) W/H are listed on each graphic to help you in sizing a graphic. These are Not the only sizes I will make, but sizes must be resonable and not take up too much storage space on my diskdrives. Sizes and colors are extremely important, especially when considering the look, purpose, and how to advertise on banner exchanges. Generally, these are the approximate sizes ordered and are the best sizes. The more effects that go into a banner though, make it slower to load. Tim's Design will not look at your website to decide how a graphic should look though. Please consider these when ordering your 1 free graphic.

400 x 40 banner

400 x 50 banner

100 x 100 LOGO

100 x 30 button
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