Welcome to Web Page Today, where we're putting creativity to work! Now that Web Page Today is finally open, I'll start by telling you about some of the great services available now and in the future. Web Page Today is a brand new site on the internet and is easily accessible through www.WebPageToday.com. With the exception of government requirements, Hyper-mart offers this site free domain parking.

"Ok, just tell me what you have!"

Free weekly newsletter with html & java help plus web design tips Free buttons, backgrounds, bullets, and page dividers (these are graphics if you don't know :-)
Free custom 3d graphics, web design, and graphics design!
Web site reviews and a message board for html help.
A list of web designers and great sites to visit.
Lots more coming in the future!

"What is copyright here?"
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"So what's the deal here, what are the terms?"
I can't patrol the entire internet. Web Page Today is not responsible for any links or information indirectly or directly posted on this site with the exception of government rules on illegal activity. Web Page Today does not promote violence, hatred, or any adult web sites. Web Page Today reserves the right to stop any free promotions at any time and to refuse unworthy immoral web sites to the use of any material on this site.

"Site" meaning web site, "this site" meaning Web Page Today. Terms and copyright can be changed at any time.