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About Webpage Today
Welcome To Webpage Today. First of all, I am happy to announce the new location here at www.webpagetoday.com! If, for some strange reason you aren't able to reach us at this new address or you have any problems while you are here, please contact problems@webpagetoday.com.
On the left or top of our pages you will see menus for easy navigation around our website. Each of these goes to a separate page in which you will find help with the topic you have selected. Be sure also to visit the websites WT reccommends.
About us takes you to this page. Here you will find an explanation about our site and our services here. Webpage Today was born 11/20/98. The purpose of WT is to assist website owners in making their websites. The domain name www.webpagetoday.com was registered for free at dynamicweb.com and is hosted for free (this meaning no monthly charges and just the $30.00 a year domain fee) by hypermart. We offer a collection of free graphics and website help, plus inexpensive designs that we can make for you. I encourage you to contact us about any suggestions you might have at email@webpagetoday.com.
Html help is a collection of html tags and some great html help websites as well. We offer something different from the others though. You can ask us your questions through email and I'll try my best to help you in the right direction.
Free 3D offers free 3d custom graphics! You put in the text and choose from some 3d examples and your graphic will be emailed to you within 48 hours or so. How is this great offer free? Well, there is a catch. You have to put a link to WT somewhere on your page. Now don't go freaking out, it isn't some 15k animated huge banner ad or anything.
Page Design will make you or your business a wonderful website. WT offers several different packages, and most of them including graphics. You can find some examples of pages to help you better decide. Pricing is not done by the hour and you don't pay by credit card like most company's ask. Each page is tested to be excellent in the eyes of the Website garage.
Graphics is WT graphics design. No linkback is required, all graphics cost only $1 and there are several examples. Banners, Buttons, Logos, just $1.00, no credit card required. You don't have to pay a penny until you are satisfied with the work.
Great Tools is a collection of great software and other websites avaliable for making graphics and webpages. Ever wonder how to test your website? Want to make fast loading graphics? Well, lots of tools are here including some great sites for getting some free services for your website, like links to online graphic making.
Great Tips can be found in a newsletter. Webpage Today News is a monthly newsletter delivered free via email. Each issue contains webpage design and graphic tips, html and java help, and webpage reviews where we review your site and discuss possible ways you can improve it. All of this and more is free. What do you have to do? Just go there and sign up!
Ask Us your webpage and other questions and I'll try my best to answer them or point you in the right direction. This is also a great page to voice your opinion about our website and others. Questions, comments, suggestions? Just ask us.
Linking To Us would be greatly appreciated! Buttons, banners, forms, and text links all with the html written out for you. All you have to do it cut & paste it onto your website. All of those who link to Webage Today will have a link to their site on this page also.
Dividers are graphics that are used to do what they say, divide different sections of your pages. All of these dividers are free and were found through Xara Webstyle and other art. They are very fast loading and come in some different sizes too. Linking to us would be a great way to show your appreciatation. And one more thing, you MUST not use the address of the graphic. Please be kind and save the image yourself.
Bullets are graphics that are used in websites to point, demonstrate, explain, and so much more. They're free and were found through Xara Webstyle and other art. One size fits all is our philosophy here because there are too many to make them custom for everyone. Linking to us would be greatly appreciated for this free offer. And again, don't use the link of the image, be kind and save it yourself.
Homepager is a section with help on what else, your homepage. To make it easy for you, we have a place there where you can actually build your homepage yourself with no html experience needed!
Backgrounds can be used in your windows desktop or on webpages. The ones here are free and great for webpages. Not only will these all be free, but we'll even show you the html you need to use in order to put them on your website. Tired of those boring background colors, add some nice looking backgrounds to your page to spice it up.
Tune ups are $1 html and meta tag fixes for your pages. Each tune up is $1 and will fix html problems with your page and get your meta tags ready for search engines. Some examples of how the tune up works are present and again no credit card is necessary. Sorry, we don't fix Java errors at the present time.

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