What Does 3D For Free Offer?
3D For Free offers completely free 3D graphics. You can select from the large collection of 3D already made in "The Collection". Or, you can choose one of fifty 3D styles and have it customized with your text, colors, etc. completely free! Use it as a logo, header, in newsletters, however you want. No membership required!
Free custom graphics? What's the catch?
In exchange for your very own free custom 3d graphic it is required that you link to us as long as you are using the graphic. No annoying banner advertisements, just a very small button. It is required that you link before you submit your order. If you wish to pay for your design instead, you can choose to do so at the sign up page. In that case, graphics would not require a link back and instead cost $1.95 each.
How long will the design take.
Providing that you give us all of the appropriate information when ordering, designs take about 1 to 3 days to process. However, some orders have taken up to 7 days.
What about pictures and animation?
At this time we do not offer animation or any extra customization to our free graphics. You must understand that an offer as good as this draws in tons of orders. Animation and other cusomization can be done for paying visitors at their request. And of course, no payment is asked until the design is done to your specs.
Help! I don't understand.
Not everyone is a web guru, we understand that. If you don't know how to apply our graphics or linking code to your site, or you don't even have a site at all, please contact help@3dforfree.com. Graphics are sent via email so please make sure that you can receive files in your email box.
All information you send is completely confidential and your email address will NEVER be sold.

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